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Whose The Dodson's?

Hey ya'll I’m Annie! I’m a 27 year old widowed mom to 12 month old miss Charlotte. My sweet husband Sam devastatingly passed away in May of 2019 from a difficult 9 month battle of cancer. It tore my soul into pieces that I’m still trying to pick up and put back together that you can expect to read about here. Charlotte and I are also social media influencers on Amazon and Instagram. We kinda fell into that gig by accident, but that’s a story for another day... hint hint. My life has been far from typical, and many of my close friends joke our life is straight out of a telenovela, and honestly that couldn’t be more true. I pretty much live by the motto if it can go wrong it will for me. But not to worry, we’ve been blessed with miracles lately too. Be sure to visit our blog post on miracles as well, where you can read about how I just met my biological adopted sister Stephanie for the first time after being separated by the system for 27 years. That's right. I’ve got a long lost sister I just met! Crazy isn't it?! Then there’s work life. I’m a paramedic, so if you’ve ever said “hold my beer and watch this”, I’ve probably been the person standing over you when you woke up. A job doesn’t get quite as entertaining as mine. Oh- and most importantly, and let’s be honest, probably what will be most talked about here, is my sweet baby churro, aka Charlotte, aka char, the famous infant influencer on Instagram as @charthebigstar. She is the light of my life. She’s what got me through the depression of loosing Sam. I honestly wouldn’t be here today without her. Nothing about my pregnancy or birth or her first year has been easy, but it’s all been hell-a-worth-it and I’d do it 1000 times again to get to the good place we are at today. I’m so eager to share all our life experiences the first year has brought us, as well as the “are you kidding me?” moments that these first few weeks of toddlerhood already having me thinking “oh crap what’d i get myself in to?” So no matter the reason you’re here on this page, please subscribe for the ride because i just cannot wait to unleash the fun facts about our life. Have fun keeping up with the Dodson's!

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